School Still Plays was presented in an international meeting held in the City of Montserrat (Province of Valencia) the 26 of May, within the frame of an Erasmus+ project kick off meeting, in the presence of 40 teachers coming from city of Ossi (Italy) and Samsun (Turkey). The aim of the conference was to share experiences about prevention of early school leaving through better programming of extracurricular activities in schools aiming at improving school atmosphere and boosting student’s desires to attend classes.

Teachers from Secondary School “Alcalans” placed in the city of Montserrat, which participated in completing Emotional Intelligence and autobiographical questionnaires of School Still Plays project last year, attended the conference in order to plan training courses whose objective is to discuss and improve the Pedagogical Model and preparation of teachers for testing of the model.

Participating schools showed their willingness to go ahead with training workshops for teachers and implementation of some methodology proposed by School Still Plays consortium in order to demonstrate if there is any particular action facing school dropout that can be effective.